Take Me To Brazilian Bundles……..


Finally, you have either saved enough to buy you some lux premium hair because your good girlfriend has been pushing you to or because you realized that good hair is a great investment. You decided to browse through the net for some ideas about styles and options. Right? Then you stumble upon this seemingly great bargain for a Brazilian bundle hair and you can’t help it. Next thing you are scrambling to get your credit card and enter the details. You are going to get yourself a fine bundle of hair. Yes!  No. Unfortunately and sadly there is nothing, absolutely no such thing as “Brazilian “ bundle hair.

Yes, you read that right. There are no authentic hair bundles that are sourced from Brazil. All those premium virgin Brazilian and Peruvian hair bundles floating in the market are not from any of the exotic South American countries. Not one! Why would I say that? Sorry to burst your bundle bubble ( and probably ruin a few market strategies) but the truth is that most all natural human hair is from India!

India is the only country where the massive collection of natural hair is done in the temple as part of a yearly ritual. When the Temples’ discovered that money could be made from the hair, they decided to start exporting them (smart move). Companies (mostly Asian based factories) have to bid to get 100% authentic 1 donor Indian hair. As it stands right now, few companies actually get real “Raw” pure Indian hair, meaning sourced from 1 donor with no chemical or steam treatments.


Indian hair exports to several countries in bulk either by wholesale order or individuals drop shipping. If you’re guessing Brazil in on that list, you’d be correct. Brazil and several other countries including the USA receive Indian hair imports in large quantities for wholesale or retail distribution. If you’re wondering why a country that produces “premium virgin hair” will import hair, and don’t believe us; while your booking stamps in your passport stop by Russia, Malaysia, Brazil, or even Burma and ask for the nearest RAW hair wholesale.  You will walk away completely puzzled and empty-handed.  It doesn’t exist sis.  Things that make you go, Hmmm.


Simple. You are most likely buying blended or processed hair.  Whatever hair companies are calling it, these bundles are generally blended, mix with lower quality, multiple donors or synthetic hair fibers. Of course, synthetic blends are cheaper, so go figure. Now, all that tangled mess, shedding and horrible smell on your bundles make sense right? These companies go to China where we have cheap labor and create hair bundles slathered in silicone to sell as different hairs from different exotic countries. Same old hair. Different packaging. Are you surprised?


Ever wondered why your premium hair seems to have a short lifespan even though you paid top dollars for it? This is why! It’s not top shelf hair. Single donor hair will cost significantly more than what you find in your average corner beauty supply store. Natural Indian hair doesn’t come in a wide array of different waves or twist. It only comes straight, or with a natural light wave or curl and color of the original donor. Many companies use perm products to curl them into different waves and pass them off as hair from different countries. Don’t be fooled.

Stay woke. Learning how to buy good hair.

Wasting hard earned money on fake luxury can be so infuriating and frustrating. With so many popup online retailers its hard to know where to turn and who to trust. Everyone sells Authentic Raw Hair nowadays and for bottom basement bargains too.  We realize that a lot of people don’t know the truth about the scams been run by these hair extension companies and continue to fall victim to the marketing ploy. The worst part of this is that these synthetic hair blends are so perfectly done in appearance, you can hardly tell the difference between the lot been paraded in the market and genuine hair.  By then it’s too late to turn back and you have been burned with synthetic blends, a bad install, and an overused Denman brush.  Argh, what is a girl to do? Never mind, we got you.

We decided to take this issue up and save you the stress of having to figure out what is real and what isn’t. We deal with lux hair only and guarantee our brands consistency. Come and let our team of hair expert help you get the best hair for your money. Don’t scramble off your seat. That Brazilian hair isn’t so Brazilian after all. Relax and let us help you get great hair.  We are available for consultation by phone, chat or in person Mon-Sat 10am-6pm.  Crossover!