Steam Processing? What’s the deal?

What is Steam Processing?

Most companies don’t clearly distinguish their steam processed collections from their virgin hair but both are good options.  Steam processing refers to using hot water vapor to create a consistent curl pattern in the hair; no chemicals are used.  When done properly, the result should be hair that has the same beautiful curl pattern from root to tip in every single bundle.


Great steam processed hair should still have the cuticle intact, should still have all the strands aligned in the same direction and should still have great wefting.  Our steam processed hair won’t shed or tangle and it can be colored – all reasons why women buy virgin!  The major difference between steam processed and virgin hair lies in its straightening and reversion abilities.

If the hair is not of a certain texture or curl pattern naturally then after repeated straightening, you will notice the curl pattern loosens and does not revert to be the exact same.  So if you’ve spent a few hundred dollars on hair and after running a flat iron through it a few times are disappointed when the curls don’t pop right back, it’s because the hair was more than likely steam treated.  Here at THE we clearly distinguish our Xiu Xiu collection and some Vietnamese bundles as steam processed.  As we all know virgin, aka natural, hair can be heat damaged so that is not an exact hard and fast rule, but for the most part, it holds true.  One of the chemical-free processes that give us these beautiful complex curl patterns is “Steam Process”. Here is the “Steam Process” we follow to get True Hair Expressions beautiful curl and wave patterns.

How We Do It

  1. .We start with Virgin Human Hair from the temple.
  2. Each Bundle is double single drawn, cuticle intact and all the hair is exclusively hand picked.
  3. Each bundle is individually quality inspected and all the greys are removed.
  4. Hair is then shampooed and conditioned with an industrial organic shampoo & Conditioner to provide our customers with 100% hygienic hair bundles.
  5. Hair is sun/air dried without using any heating tools.
  6. Hair is sewn onto the weft.
  7. The hair weft is hand-rolled onto really small rollers (depending on the texture desired). The entire process takes at least 3-4 hours depending on the length and curl pattern desired.
  8. After the rollers are applied to the weft, it is placed onto a steam processing machine.
  9. Steam and pressure are applied to the hair for several hours to permanently set the curl pattern.
  10. Since there are no chemicals used in this process, the hair remains Virgin with beautiful new curl pattern

Take a look at the video below to get additional clarification.  THE does not chemical process its hair other than customized colour.  Have some questions?  Reach out to us below.