THE Hair Overviews

Make it a priority to know what you are searching for.  Below is an overview of the various types of hair used for weaving and bulk braiding. When in doubt you can always ask us by
email or call 844-510-4247

Indian Hair: Indian hair is collected from Southern India and its texture is similar to European hair. Indian hair is silkier and has less density than Vietnamese hair. Indian hair is very beautiful and can be blend with many hair types. Indian hair is very versatile and can be worn with natural light waves when allowed to air dry. It can be worn bone straight when flat ironed with medium heat, as well as curly when setting with rollers.

Russian Blonde:  Russian Blonde is a Signature Color on a Vietnamese texture. This luxurious texture is available in several patterns and has been chemically treated to provide the ultimate blonde experience.


Vietnamese: The natural texture of Vietnamese Hair is simply flawless. The Vietnamese hair is extremely soft, sleek and has a natural sheen. Vietnamese Hair is known for its strength, versatility, body, fullness, thickness and long-lasting nature. This hair waves up slightly when wet and has a nice natural. This hair holds curls very well and straightens easy. This hair has a lot of volume and body and is completely effortless to manage. This hair is a guaranteed showstopper!

Xiu Xiu:  Our Xiu Xiu Collection is by far our most versatile patterned hair.  Some bundles are steam treated to achieve the curl or wave pattern.  This hair holds curls very well and straightens easily,  be sure to check your hair maintenance instructions when prepping, shampooing, or heat styling.  All Xiu Xiu hair has the cuticle intact with the hair aligned in the same direction.